READ Surrey / White Rock Society

“40% of BC adults do not have the skills necessary to read a newspaper, fill out a work application form, read a map, or understand a lease.”

“49% of BC adults do not have the skills necessary to calculate a tip, create a budget, calculate sales tax, or understand credit card interest rates.”

READ Surrey/White Rock is helping to change these shocking statistics. Each small step makes a difference to the lives of the people we assist. For many, learning to improve reading, writing, and math skills is life changing.

Join Us

Do you understand the benefits of supporting literacy for life? Do you want to help others? Then consider becoming a member of our team as either a tutor, member or donor.

The Society’s purpose is to assist individuals in our communities in achieving their literacy goals by:

  • Building relationships and partnerships with community organizations through consultation with the Surrey White Rock Literacy Task Group and other key organizations in the community.
  • Facilitating community awareness on literacy and essential skills by creating a public presence and taking part in public literacy events.
  • Building literacy confidence and capability in individuals by providing programs such as tutor training and free one on one tutoring to interested individuals as well as developing other programming as needed.
  • Helping to create the annual District Literacy Plan by being an active participant in its ongoing development.